Integrations and compatibility

The goal of integrations is to ensure that health and social data are communicated between systems securely and in a timely fashion.

To us at SoteDigi, integration means improved utilisation of social and health data, timely access to the data and the compatibility of information.

Goal of the integration project

The goal is that health and social data can be utilised more extensively than at present, and that recorded information is available whenever necessary.

Health and social data are generated in the course of treatment and appointments, for example. Residents may also record information which they have themselves collected for later use in their treatment or service plan if they have granted consent to this.

In all forms of processing health and social data, care is taken to safeguard the confidentiality of information.

Output of the project

The project will design technical solutions for the communication and compatibility of health and social data and develop integration capabilities.

Benefits of the project

The project will both improve the usability of existing health and social data and reduce the costs of health and social services systems.

In particular, the situation of residents with extensive need for health and social services will be improved. These residents will receive services that are more timely and suitable for their needs. In this way, help can be provided at the right time before more major problems emerge.

Integration will improve the equality of access to health and social services and reduce public expenditure through more efficient service production.

Project phases

Currently, the project provides support for the archiving of old customer and patient information and is conducting an assessment of the current state. After this, an operating model will be designed jointly with Kela and tested in a region to be selected at a later date.