Digital services for residents

All Finnish residents have access to digital services to assist in handling matters related to health and social services.

Residents can access digital services on their own terms, online and on mobile. The service also provides guidance and counselling over the phone. Digital services are customer-driven, user-friendly and accessible anywhere, anytime.

With digital services, residents can evaluate their condition and need for assistance, participate in their treatment and look after their wellbeing.

Goal of the digital services for residents project

The project’s goal is to provide electronic health and social services for all Finnish residents to ensure timely access to treatment and services. At the same time, the need to visit a health centre becomes less frequent as residents can assess symptoms at home based on their condition.

By designing digital services that are uniform, we help citizens in finding and accessing services regardless of the administrative structure of health and social services.

Output of the digital services for residents project

The digital services for residents project will provide tools that residents can use to evaluate their condition and need for assistance, participate in the treatment and look after their wellbeing.

The electronic services produced in the project will facilitate nationally uniform health and social services and electronic treatment pathways across all organisations.

Benefits of the digital services for residents project

The starting point for the project is the need for new digital solutions in health and social services to improve cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency and ensure the integration of data and information systems. At the same time, the services can help residents in daily tasks and reduce congestion at health centres.

Available services is an electronic service channel for social welfare, healthcare and oral healthcare services to provide support for self-care and refer customers to the relevant care and support if needed.

Omaolo contains healthcare symptom assessments and needs assessments for social services.

Customers can use the symptom assessment to self-evaluate a symptom or health condition. Based on the answers, the service gives a recommendation on further actions and care instructions.

The social services needs assessment is used to evaluate the type of support or service available in your or your friend’s or relative’s current life situation.

Learn more about Omaolo and how to start using it in the Omaolo distribution handbook.

On-call support 116117 is a phone service that provides specialist guidance and counselling in urgent health issues. On-call support was created to help reduce congestion in the 112 emergency number. On-call support is intended for situations without an immediate danger to life.

The service is currently in the process of being deployed. It is planned to be expanded to cover all of mainland Finland during 2019.